Residential Electrician in wilmington,North carolina

While making a decision on who should be allowed to handle your electric needs can be difficult, we try to make it as easy as possible. Out of date wiring in older homes are not up to the required code of the present day. It’s time to get your home checked out to look for fire hazards and overloading circuits. All it takes is one phone call to one of our professional electricians in Wilmington,north Carolina to fix your problems.

Other than installation and electrical services we take you and your family as a top priority. One of the most important things in electrical work is safety for our customer’s families. An electrical system that is capable and up to the power requirements of your home is exactly how we accomplish that. Our residential electrician services in help serve families across the Wilmington area.

Along with keeping your family safe and wiring up to date we can even provide convenience. This happens by installing new electrical sockets in various places around your home that are most convenient for you and your family.

Before starting any renovation projects you should always consult a local electrician. You can accidentally cut wires and electrocute yourself or lose electricity to your home.That’s a big deal. Don’t let the risk of electrical failure happen to your project. We can not only help with making sure you don’t cut any wires but also reroute them. So if you have an area you want to put a door but there are wires we can reroute them around the new door area.

Along with interior work we can handle any outdoor lighting projects that you need. Outdoor lighting can help curb appeal. It can also help you see pathways and the driveway at night as an extra safety measure. Another reason for outdoor lighting is to illuminate your landscaping. Night lights on your landscaping can be a beautiful way to accent your home at night.

Residential electrical services in Wilmington NC

»  General Electrical Work

»  Data cabling – Internet and Phone

»  Surge Protection

»  LED Lighting – Sales and Installation

»  Cooling and Heating

»  Electrical Renovations and New  Installations

»  Setup Data/Communication Lines

»  Remodelling & Renovation

»  Specialty Lighting

»  Replace Switches

»  Ceiling Fan installation

»  Home Generators